Imaginaries: Photo Art |


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Mridul Batra/Lucida. From the series, Wildlife – A Prolepsis. Mumbai 2010. Medium format 6×6 colour negative




‘Imaginaries’, the theme title for the third issue of PIX is about thinking about the ‘creation’ of images, where photographers may reflect, re- orient, fashion and form hybrid compositions as an art practice. ‘Imaginaries’ may even be defined in terms of the unfamiliar, unusual, transient and temporary.

Today, we are viewers of art in a transnational arena of cultural production, and so which
are the new frontiers being created and transcended by photography as an art form? The submission may seek to respond to this proposition. Images also manage to create dual realities, at times, disparate ones. Indeed, in a world where the image matters as much as the ‘message’, it is important to question whether there is a new materiality in photography.

The images could include portraits, landscapes, architecture, objects, and even abstract forms given the images are submitted as a body of work. Additionally, we would be interested in persons using the camera in unconventional ways, or trying to create an alternative visual language through their own practice. Therefore ‘Imaginaries’ can also be about creating a parallel form of consciousness about a subject by the photographer. For example, the images may be in the form of documentary photography, a fictional narrative, or what
one may consider ‘art photography’, with constructive liberties taken using digital collage or even a digital transformation/ manipulation of the photograph. We encourage photographers to work individually or even as a group/team/collective if they wish to do so.

Last Date For Submissions: 15th July, 2011.