PIX Team



Rahaab Allana

Rahaab Allana completed his MA in Art History/Archaeology from the School of Oriental and African Studies, London University. He has published works in journals/catalogues and has edited/authored publications on photography. He has also curated exhibitions on photography as an art form and documentary practice.


Nandita Jaishankar

Nandita Jaishankar has worked as an editor, both as a freelancer and at publishing houses in Delhi since 2003. She has also worked on the Lalit Kala Journal (Vol 52), a special issue dedicated to photography, titled Depth of Field: Photography as Art Practice in India (2012) and From Kabul to Kolkata: Of Belonging, Memories and Identity, a catalogue for an exhibition of the same name showcased in Kabul, New Delhi and Kolkata (2015). Her first book of poems, The Memory Bird, was self-published in 2009. Her poems have been featured in an anthology of poetry, Writing Love (Rupa & Co), published in 2010, as well as the Fall issue of Pyrta: A Journal of Poetry and Things, Asia Writes and Ceriph. In 2011, along with Rahaab Allana, she co-founded PIX a publication that looks at contemporary photography and writing around photography in South Asia. She is currently working with the Serendipity Arts Festival, a multi-disciplinary arts event which will be returning for its 3rd edition in December 2018.



Tanvi Mishra

Tanvi Mishra is a Delhi-based curator, photo editor and writer. Among her interests are the politics of representation within the photographic medium and its impact on South Asian histories and narratives, and the notion of fiction in photography, particularly in the current political landscape.

In 2013 and 2015, Tanvi was involved with the Delhi Photo Festival in India in a curatorial capacity. In 2016, she was the guest curator at the second edition of Photo Kathmandu in Nepal. She currently works as the Creative Direction of The Caravan, a journal of politics and culture published out of Delhi. Her writings on photography have appeared in various publications, such as Transformations–Exploring Changes in an Around Photography and WHY EXHIBIT, published by FW: BOOKS. She has served on various juries, including the selection committee of the participants of Joop Swart Masterclass by World Press Photo, the Hindu Photojournalism award and was a curatorial collaborator for the Greenpeace Photo Award 2018.


Philippe Calia

Philippe Calia is an artist, photographer and filmmaker, based out of Bombay, India.  In 2015 he co-founded BIND, a platform for photography in India, centred around a photobook library. Since 2017, he is a member of the Studio Hans Lucas.


Akshay Mahajan

Akshay Mahajan is a photographic practitioner based in New Delhi. He restricts his practice to his immediate experience. His work has been published in The Wall Street Journal, Le Monde Diplomatique, Bloomberg Business Week & The Paris Review. He is also the copublisher of blindboys.org, a community-driven space which uses simple yet effective ways to reach out to photographers and audiences alike. blindboys.org

Sukanya Baskar


Sukanya Baskar

Sukanya Baskar graduated from the National Institute of Design, Ahmedabad in 2017 with a  degree in Graphic design. For her thesis project, she worked on a photobook on Kashmiri photojournalism which won several design awards. She has mainly worked on publication design projects and is currently interested in exploring the field of curatorial practice.



Anisha Baid

Anisha Baid is an artist and writer who graduated from Srishti Institute of Art, Design and Technology in 2019.  Her practice and research involve an investigation of pervasive technologies through an examination of their design, diversity of use, and their relationship with ideas from science fiction. Her work tries to decode computer labour through the interface – a technological tool that has converted most spaces of work into image space. She is also keenly interested in photography and understanding its transformation through the lens of digital interfaces.



Arati Devasher

Arati Devasher studied design in New Delhi, India. An avid reader and self-confessed bookworm, she has designed books and publications for over a decade. She reviews books at Book Weyr, and creates original art on paper and textiles. She lives and works in London, UK. www.aratidevasher.com | aratidevasher.etsy.com



LUCIDA is a photographers’ collective. They aim to develop and support a range of independent and critical photographic practices that focus on research and education. Lucida endeavors to influence photographic thinking through a design-oriented approach in photography services. The founders include Arunima Singh, Suruchi Dumpawar, Mridul Batra and Pradeep Menon.



Dsgn Unplugged

Dsgn Unplugged is a Delhi-based design studio set up by Misha Oberoi and Samprati Pani They provide graphic design services for a wide range of products including books and book covers, catalogues, publicity material and branding.