Passages: a subcontinental imaginary

10 March 2022

Zinnia Naqvi, Nani in Grey Suit, from the series Dear Nani, Pickering, Ontario, 2020, Digital photograph.

Passages: a subcontinental imaginary, seeks to address ways of expanding and globalising South Asian representation by consolidating diasporic community perspectives in order to introspect around the politics of framing visual histories. The image and text contributions seek to recalibrate the politically bound arena of South Asia into creative socio-cultural formations and links, further investigating new cultural histories in our present. With South Asian communities spread across the world, we consider the entanglements of memory and space as tethered to ongoing migrations, to make visible a South Asia beyond its borders.

This issue of PIX is supported by Art South Asia Project.

Click here to watch the discussion with author, Riason Naidoo and Prof. Anthony Bogues (Brown University).

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Bakirathi Mani

Bakirathi Mani, Covers of Aspiring to Home (2012) and Unseeing Empire (2020). Passages offers us photographs that appear uncannily familiar, as if they capture relatives distant and unknown. Plucked out of national and personal archives, these images acquire new lives in the form of...

Exhibiting South Asia

Rahaab Allana

Shilpa Gupta, Aar Paar (Cross-border public project between India and Pakistan), 2002, Poster. Image courtesy the artist. This issue of PIX seeks to make visible a contemporary “South Asia” that transcends the normative inscription of the subcontinent as a perennially contested and...

Looking to Southeast Asia

Zhuang Wubin
Interview by Rahaab Allana

Published out of Hong Kong, these are copies of Camera Club, which was in existence from 1956 to 1960. It came as a free supplement to the popular Sin Chung Hwa Pictorial, a pictorial periodical that covered the progress of communist China. It was reported that its inaugural issue in 1952 was...


Dear Kesang

Ruchika Gurung and The Confluence Collective

Ghorer Bairer Aalo

Cheryl Mukherji
with text by Arnav Adhikari


Arpita Shah
with text by Frank McElhinney

Diasporic Rhizome: A Site for Intergenerational Work

Anisha Baid

Buttons for Eyes

Images and text by Priya Kambli

Priya Kambli - Archive as Companion

Tanvi Mishra

Of Sandcastles between Sea and Sky

Images and text by Harsha Pandav

Samba Shiva

Sambasiva Rao Patchineelam
in interview with Vijai Maia Patchineelam by Tanvi Mishra

Scissors and Glue

Rajat Dey
with text by Ankan Kazi

Unsettled Identities

Images and text Anuj Arora

The Indian in DRUM Magazine

Riason Naidoo
Interview by Philippe Calia

Love & Other Hurts

Images and text by Uzma Mohsin

Dear Nani

Images and text by Zinnia Naqvi
Poem by Arushi Vats

Turbine Bagh

Sofia Karim
Interview by Veeranganakumari Solanki

Internal Exile

Htein Lin
Interview by Rahaab Allana


Yask Desai
with text by Samia Khatun

Gurkha Sons

Images and text by Nina Manandhar


Images and text by Mathushaa Sagthidas

Notes on Transnational Entanglements:
The Character of Photography in the
South Asian Diaspora

Sunil Shah