09 March 2013

Binh Dang, From the series Small Things

The Recovery issue seeks to identify with the necessary recuperation period that takes place after one is confronted  with an altercation, whether social, political, ecological or cultural. The gradual change that occurs in an individual’s or in family life in the aftermath of a drastically transformative event, also expresses the diverse ways in which people as well as spaces experience, and adjust to life, often expressing their adaptability. This might occur in their interactions with one another or the places they live or work in. How, then, can photography express this moment, this passage and growth from one state of being into another? Are changes always for the better? or is there indeed ‘recovery’ at all?

With support from rsM_071Y


Looking Back

Yusuke Matsuoka

The massive earthquake that struck eastern Japan on 11th March 2011 brought about large scale destruction. The Tohoku region was at the centre of this tragedy. More than eighteen thousand people lost their lives or went missing as a consequence and more than four hundred thousand people were...

Recovery Through Change

Nandita Jaishankar

The word ‘recovery’ in this issue has many connotations. In its broadest scope, the word is defined as: a return to a normal state of health, mind or strength; it can also be the process of regaining possession or control of something stolen or lost. When such a notion is imagined in a visual...


Tanvi Mishra

What defines family? Does birth determine it? Does sharing a bloodline, albeit with no memories, automatically determine one another as family? As someone born in a house to parents who hail from entirely different parts of the country, and having been raised in a multicultural and ethnically...


Small Things

Binh Dang

A Hand to a Recovering Nation

Soumyadip Ghosh

Unconventional Currents

Talia Herman

Remember Shatila

Zann Huizheng Huang

Invisible Living

Alok Johri


Aditya Kapoor

The Other Kashmir

Zishaan Akbar Latif

My Recollections

Mitsu Maeda

The Second Coming

Niha Masih


Paolo Patrizi

Pritamnagar no Akado

Bindi Sheth

Change of Course

Prasiit Sthapit