Metamorphoses: Sri Lanka

09 July 2012

Abby Robinson, From the series Film Industry

The first of the PIX special issues with a South Asia, focus, the theme Metamorphoses looks at the notion of change and transition that have been evident not only in the social and political history of Sri Lanka but also its enlarging cultural life, seen in the more recent Colombo Biennale.  ‘Metamorphoses’ can also be about creating a parallel form of consciousness about a subject by the photographer.

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Shehan Karunatilaka

The word brings to mind insects. Science book diagrams of caterpillars becoming butterflies. A Kafka story of a man waking up as a giant bug. Metamorphosis is something more than just change. It is a transformation where the ‘after’ is unrecognisable from the ‘before’. It can be...

Mergers Across The Border

Rahaab Allana

Sri Lanka and India share more than just cultural history. We share ‘time’. However, PIX would have never questioned the proximity of space to time, if the same time zone could have rendered identical intonations in the passage of life, or indeed, similar images. What is the relationship then...

Beyond War: A Comment On Contemporary Sri Lankan Photography

Tanvi Mishra

Doctors are often asked by their patients about how long it might take for them to recover from their ailments. No matter how complicated the injury, the convalescence period is one of healing, transformation and optimism. But what happens when a community of people or in fact an entire nation is...


Acts of Faith : The Dawoodi Bohras

Alefiya Akbarally

The Distance of a Whisper: Notes from the Field

Aaron Burton

Colours of Change

Stephen Champion


Dipti Desai


Jagath Dheerasekara

Trincomalee: The Lost Photographs

Liz Fernando

Film Industry

Abby Robinson

Sri Lanka's Civil War

Q. Sakamaki

Colombo 13

Dominic Sansoni

The Dead Girls Project

Ruvin de Silva

Kannan Arunasalam

Timothy Barco

Olivia Bonnal Sansoni

Indunil Munasinghe

Devaka Seneviratne

Avani Tanya

Deshan Tennekoon