Metamorphoses: Sri Lanka |

Colombo 13

Dominic Sansoni

Colombo 13 is a neighbourhood by the harbor of Colombo that hosts a thriving, vibrant and heterogeneous community of people. A church dedicated to St. Anthony, frequented by people of all races, religions and creeds is situated beside the harbour wall and dominates the area. It is often said “Kolomba 13,  Apiokkamaekai”, Colombo 13 – we are all one. The neighbourhood inspires and intrigues me as a fine example of urban life. Along the streets a few of the original houses remain, but most have been converted into larger residencies. The homes are very colourful, mirroring the residents who live there. The community is used to my wanderings around their streets, have sensed my curiosity and respect, and fortunately, many have invited me into their homes. The pictures have been taken over a period of fifteen months. My documentation of the area and its people is a work in progress.

SRI LANKA. Mr. Srinas Harrison
Mr. Srimas Harrison of Ratnam Road, March 2012

Hindu Temple at the end of Sea Street, near Colombo 13. A child runs out of an alley that leads to very high density housing, where a Catholic banner to Virgin Mary is strung between two bamboo poles.
Hindu Temple and Catholic poster, June 2012

Holy Pictures, October 2011

A bride about to leave for her church wedding, October 2011

Working on the days accounts at a betting shop at the end of Sea Street. Betting on the racing is still very popular in Sri Lanka.
The bookmaker, June 2012

Home Interior – Newham Square, April 2012

Model of St. Anthony's Church, part of a wall shrine to the same Saint. '89 Watta'
Wall shrine to St. Anthony, April 2012

The Navy provide a cordon around the vehicle which will carry the statue of St. Anthony around the neighbourhood. .Kochchikade, Colombo 13. Last day of the annual feast and festival.
Naval Guard of Honour. St, Anthony’s feast, June 2012

Shop selling Catholic paraphanelia on the corner of Jampettah street.
Christian corner store, June 2012

Christian shrine & Buddhist home, May 2011