Citizen Issue

30 April 2019

Rohit Saha, from the series Fake Encounters, 2016 – 2018, digital

Citizenship as seen through this issue, addresses certain pitfalls of a societal malaise, a status quo. It brings certain temporal trajectories into focus: about rights that can and should be exercised; about contemporary leftist social movements that have existed and grown; and hierarchies of viewership that have been revised, amended, and some eventually atomised. And like the myriad lenses through which we piece together a moment, citizenship too pierces a discursive vacuum to invite critical engagement, redefinition, ideological disjuncture, and sometimes radicalisation in order to recast itself as a mutable force, adapting to and demolishing emergent despotisms like a multi-headed hydra.


The Paradox of Shahidul Alam

Christopher Pinney

Anyone who has had the privilege of participating in Chobi Mela will have encountered Shahidul Alam as a charismatic and remarkable presence. Mysteriously energetic, he is the model public intellectual who has externalised his exceptional intellect into facilitating structures that have...

Hyphenated Subjects: Photography - Citizenship

Rahaab Allana

I have been a Pakistani for 30 years, a Muslim for 1400 years and a Pathan for 5000 years... - Abdul Wali Khan, 1977 By exploring where we come from, perhaps what we ask ourselves is: who are we? The predicaments which arise from citizenship are linked to this dilemma – riddled...