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Avant-Garde Politics

Siva Sai Jeevanantham

In this work, I am neither questioning, trying to change the status-quo, mocking the government, nor blaming the citizen’s greed. I am just showing the faces of the people who have realised the greatness of our innovative politicians, who are infamous for their ludicrous innovations. Tamil Nadu politicians, however, are beyond innovators—they
are trendsetters. Everything began with free goodies such as televisions, gold, and household appliances in exchange for votes towards a victorious election. While these gifts may be fancy, what they lack is a guarantee, much like the government itself, irrespective of which party comes to power. Avant-Garde Politics is a satire based on the decades- long freebie culture in Tamil Nadu.

Siva Sai Jeevanantham is a photographer from Chennai. He is currently a photography student at the National Institute Of Design in India. His works primarily deal with still and moving images to create cognitive dissonance.

All images from the series Avant-Garde Politics
Tamil Nadul, 2015-2017