• Call for submissions

  • Kaisar Ahamed, From the series Home

  • Riti Sengupta, From the series AIN

  •  Swastik Pal, From the series The Hungry Tide




  • Devika Mohan, From the series Capturing the Capturer

  • Aishwarya Arumbakkam, From the series Ka Dingiei

PIX is about investigating and engaging with broad and expansive fields of contemporary photographic practice in India and South Asia: its movement, transmission, appropriation and distinct relation to the allied arts.


The Citizen Issue engages with urgent questions of belonging, borders, and the possibilities for political action through visual cultures of protest. Featuring a selection of photographs that explore the modalities of contemporary citizenship—its disparities, contradictions, and also its ironies—this issue further offers scholarly and historical perspectives on the relationship between artistic practice, archives, and capacities for change.



Upcoming Exhibition - Ellipsis: Between Word & Image

Current PIX Exhibition in Jaipur

Like the versatile ellipsis, the works on display here—word and...


Jazz, Survival, and Imagining History: Interview

Pigeonhole (2019) Dodd Galleries. Installation views courtesy: Priyanka Dasgupta and Chad Marshall.

25 June 2019