08 February 2012

Siddharth Hajra, From the series Opera Monorama

We witness, experience and are privy to barriers of identity and geography being crossed every day. The visualization of ‘Trespass’ is of people whose lives have drastically transformed, of a moment that might have altered their lives or indeed of spaces as they are encroached, as they change and at times break away from a phase into another. In today’s context it can be about interpreting or understanding the self, as new frontiers of identity are challenged and forged.

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With participation from Pix-Team_Lucida


Trespassing On Gallery Walls

Shahidul Alam

“I’d better put on my sincere smile,” he said as he straightened up, realising I was about to take his picture. Arthur C. Clarke, the king of Sci-Fi, was only half joking. The sincere smile is certainly not the monopoly of the pre-election campaigner. I find myself doing it when I spy a...

Beyond Borders: A Photographer’s Thoughts

Tanvi Mishra

Before I begin working with the images in this issue, I was brought to bear on the idea of the theme itself. I was confronted with images of open fields mysteriously cordoned off, wires with razor sharp barbs preventing the encroacher who dared enter and gain access to a secret, other world. When...

Transparent Barriers

Suruchi Dumpawar

As I read an article about the last minute cancellation of the video link between Salman Rushdie and the Jaipur Literary Festival, I wondered how the virtual presence of a person could scorn the people protesting a physical one. But then images have always occupied this rather interesting space...


Lost Life

Jaimin Bhavasar

City Builders

Mark Esplin

There Are Things I Call Home

Chandan Gomes

Opera Monorama

Siddhartha Hajra

On the Wrong Side of the Equator

Aparna Jayakumar


Devansh Jhaveri

Don River

Surendra Lawoti