Trespass |


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Diptych 1, from the series Under Construction by Arunima Singh Ahmedabad, 2010
6×6 colour negative




‘Trespass’ is a familiar notion, as we witness or experience barriers of identity and geography being crossed almost on a daily basis. The experience can be of people, yourself, as well
 as spaces as they encroach and break away, from one phase or idea of life into another. In today’s context it can mean changing a way of interpreting and understanding the self, as new frontiers are sought to recreate identity. Which are those moments that allow us to perceive or observe a change in the way we have perceived the world? What has been a life-changing image or moment in time?

From the psychological point of view, it could represent, instances of anxiety, fetish. If we seek to define our current predicament as viewers, spectators and photographers in a trans-national world of cultural exchange, which are the new frontiers being created by photography? The operative modes of understanding culture today lie in the zones of exile, secularism, globalization, and capitalism. Are these larger ideas within which images operate?

In a broader sense, we are trying to present contemporary practices of photographers in India, and identify the cultural exchanges in photography. Is there a common ground of reference? Professionals, enthusiasts and amateurs are free to apply.

Last Date For Submissions: December 10, 2011.