08 May 2011

Arne de Knegt, From the series Humanising the Machine

An outsider may be a person, a community, an imagined subject or space that can be perceived as ‘isolated’, ‘alienated’ or ‘unique’ in some way. The ‘Outsider’ may even be defined in terms of the unfamiliar, outcaste, unusual, transient and temporary. The ‘Outsider’ can also be about creating a parallel form of consciousness about a subject in the form of documentary photography, a fictional narrative, or what one may consider ‘art photography’, with constructive liberties taken using digital collage or even a digital transformation/manipulation of the photograph.

With participation from Pix-Team_Lucida



Christopher Pinney

From a Gurgaon high-rise, a zoom collapses the distance between camera and migrant construction workers, etching them as symbolic labourers on a Brechtian stage, fragile silhouettes alienated from the very structures they have created. Nearness and distance as spatial phenomena capable of...

Looking In

Rahaab Allana

Images declare existences. Peering ‘into’ or searching ‘beyond’ a picture also allows for the invisible to be manifested, occupy space and form a context. The inevitable split within a photograph, its measured, framed subject may therefore insinuate an uncanny presence past its borders,...

Lallubhai Compound

Akshay Mahajan

The narrative of images in this section showcases the 16-building cluster at Lallubhai Compound in Mankhurd. A far-flung eastern suburb just within Mumbai’s city limits, the cluster rises ominously, each building separated from the other by a space that could accommodate only a single car....


Revolt against SEZ: The Changing Face of Rural India

Bijoy Chowdhury

Vertical Horizon

Pallon Daruwala

The Distant Calls

Shuvankur Ghosh

Hidden Cities

Gareth Kingdon

Humanising the Machine

Arne de Knegt

The Silent Hustle

Neha Malhotra

Tuol Sleng

Mad Paule’

The Migrant Worker—In the Depth of Darkness

Sangeeta Rana

Daughter of the Village

Mahesh Shantaram

… Or Not To Be

Amit Sheokand

Family Ties

Sanjeev Thakur