08 February 2011

Rahul S. Ravi, From the series Living in Limbo

A suburb (lit. under city) is a geographical location away from the Centre/the metropolis, and is often politically autonomous. Conceptually, ‘Suburbia’ is perhaps a manner of looking at the metropolis through spaces, places and even people that represent unique cultures of existence through their interactions and daily lives – a hybrid of places and cultures, within and often outside the frames of its control.

With creative support from Pix-Team_Lucida


The Photograph, Reconsidered

Shuddhabrata Sengupta

The photograph is an antidote to clocks, and a remedy for the infectious diseases of the time-table. The photograph is a prophet, a poet, a liar. The photograph, like something ancient and vegetal, eats light to live, but in the end, needs darkness to defer its own inevitable erasure. The...

Why PIX And Why Now?

Rahaab Allana

We know this: There are over a billion cellular phone cameras in use today, countless imaging/scanning hard and softwares, as well as gigantic photo-agencies like Reuters and National Geographic inviting anonymous or amateur photographers to post their images for perusal. We also know that all...

The Box Brownie Generation

Mridul Batra

Photography’s paradigm shift in India is marked by a rising number of private/ collaborative exhibitions as well as lavishly produced large-format publications. To be featured in such a manner creates a competitive drive for professionals and amateurs from any generation, also enabling...

A New Visual Vocabulary

Akshay Mahajan

Photography in India has long been left on the sidelines. What it requires is the emergence of a younger generation with its own readings, modes of engagement and surfeit of results. This is why I was excited when the opportunity to work on the debut issue of PIX came about. During the selection...



Vibha Galhotra

Ecological Utopia

Shilpa Gavane


Shiho Kito

Living in Limbo

Rahul S. Ravi

Don’t Breathe

Ronny Sen

The Expression of Escapism

Manu Thomas

Aesthetic Opposition

Rajesh Vora


Pankaj Mistry

Till Death Do Us Apart

Vidisha Saini


Roy Sinai


Mark Phillips