Myanmar Issue

21 June 2017





Franz Xaver Augustin

Under military rule for half a century, Myanmar was substantially isolated from the world, including international exchanges and developments that took place in neighbouring countries.
 Not only the economy, but also education and culture fell far behind as a result of stunted growth through...

A Bright Star Will Shine

Nandita Jaishankar

My second visit to Yangon in December 2016 coincided with the opening weekend of the Mingalabar! Festival. The Institut Français
de Birmanie (IFB) in collaboration with the Government of Yangon Region, organized the first ever multi-disciplinary arts festival, taking to public spaces at an...

Inhabiting Their Art

Haymann Oo

New Zero Art Space is a nonprofit visual arts organization that was established in Yangon in 2008 by artist and curator, Aye Ko. Aiming to empower and educate a new generation of practitioners, the gallery and art library promotes local, contemporary voices through its display of sculptures,...

Emerging Trends In Photo Art In Myanmar

Nathalie Johnston

The research for my Master’s degree about performance art in Myanmar brought me to Yangon eight years ago. I had started a blog called Myanm/art in order to build awareness in the English language about some of the trends in contemporary art here – it was a way in which to connect a...


Yangon to Grow With

San Lin Tun

Yangon Rough & Tender

Aun Raza

Still Lifes from a Vanishing City

Elizabeth Rush


Farhad Rahman

Excerpts from an interview

Philip Blenkinsop

Props Or Protagonists?

Matt Grace

Oil Rush

Debasish Shom

The Price of Jade

Minzayar Oo

Solar Portraits

Rubén Salgado Escudero

Think Of Me: Photographs From Burma

Nance Cunningham

Recycled Meanings

Aung Khin Myint

“They Called Me Baby”

Ko Lin Maung

Embrace the past

Lukas Birk

The Other Burma

Pablo Bartholomew

Exteriors and Interiors: The Women

Mae Yway

Ma Bai Dar

Marylise Vigneau

Humanity, Identity & Nudity

Mayco Naing

Rainbow Marriage

Nay Thway