07 April 2012

Kishor K. Sharma From the series Living in the Mist – the Last Nomads of Nepal

The notion of Freedom seeks to engage a series of photographs that may highlight how a circumstance, a point of view or even an idea may liberate an individual, an artist, the society, or even a perspective. How does freedom – or the lack of it – impact our everyday lives? The visualisation of ‘freedom’ can be expressed through actions, through notions of identity, through forms of resistance, or even through the power of an image – a portrait that may break the norms of convention, a landscape that may have a hidden history, or a candid shot that alters ones notion of reality. What are the notions that drive us, that make us rage against known barriers? What makes us free to be who we are?

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Miracles Do Happen, Even In Police States

Wendy Law-Yone

Where does the desire of a lifetime begin? Mine began, I think, with snow. The earliest games I remember playing as a child in Rangoon involved snow. Our home in those days of the early 1950s was on two floors of a four-storey edifice called the Thomas de la Rue building. Upstairs, on the top...

The Image ‘Act’

Rahaab Allana

In this issue of PIX, we acknowledge that photographs in the contemporary are bound together by metaphors, movements and ideals. However, the abstract function of an image’s impact or afterlife cannot be read in isolation of its own ‘time’ and its own struggles. Though vehemently engaged by...

Shoot You Dead, Shoot Me Dead

Akshay Mahajan / Kaushik Ramaswamy

Susan Sontag’s On Photography Was Published In 1977, and it remains astonishingly incisive. Look, for instance, at Sontag’s description of photography in the first chapter of the book, which establishes a voice, an attitude, an approach that is maintained throughout. Sontag describes...


Border of Impunity

A M Ahad

Transcending Stereotypes

Nariman Ansari

Recent Work

Zachary Becker


Yask Desai

Phas Gaya – Being Stuck

Enrico Fabian

Killing Kittens

Andrea Fernandes

The Routineless Routine

Sam Harris

The Vadia Weddings

Sunny Lamba

The Rule of Inconvenience

Zishaan Akbar Latif

Living in the Mist – the Last Nomads of Nepal

Kishor K. Sharma

Section 144

Ishan Tankha