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Govinda’s Govinda

Moloy Ranjan Biswas

I am currently developing a story based on a musician named Govida Das, born and living in an area called Old Dhaka, one of the largest and most prosperous cities of South Asia, and hence a place of great historical value and cultural infusion. Das has spent most of his life here playing music, and the influence of Old Dhaka is immense, shaping him in every way. My story explores how the life of Govinda Das flows into this historical space of the city and investigates how Old Dhaka is shaping his person, even while he tries to change with the times.

Moloy Ranjan Biswas was born in Dhaka. After graduating with degrees in Computer Science and Engineering, he started photography as a way to explore his surroundings. Currently, he is studying at Patshala South Asian Media Institute, Bangladesh. He completed an exchange photography program in Documentary Photography and Photojournalism from Hannover University of Applied Science and Arts in Germany.

All images from the series Govinda’s Govinda
Old Dhaka, Bangladesh, 2015-2016