Metamorphoses: Sri Lanka |




Yannik Willing, Galle Face Green, Colombo, 2011, 6×7 medium format


Diversity, Distortion, Growth, Upheaval, Renewal

Metamorphoses: With our growing emphasis on photography from South Asia, PIX is happy to announce a Special Issue dedicated to photography from Sri Lanka. The notion of change and transition have been evident not only in the social and political history of Sri Lanka but also its enlarging cultural life, seen in the more recent Colombo Biennale. In this spirit, we seek photographers to explore the idea of ‘change’ that they might have experienced in their own photo practice, as well as the world around them, creating not only a document, but perhaps even a personal history, or an encounter. The notion itself can extend to ideas of an evolving format in photo-practice that they might have witnessed or explored over time.

For instance, the images could include portraits, landscapes, architecture, objects, and even abstract
 forms given the images are submitted as a body of work. Additionally, we would be interested in persons using the camera in unconventional ways, or trying to create an alternative visual language through their own practice. Therefore ‘Metamorphoses’ can also be about creating 
a parallel form of consciousness about a subject by the photographer. For example, the images may be in the form of documentary photography, a fictional narrative, or what one may consider ‘art photography’, with constructive liberties taken using digital collage or even a digital transformation/manipulation of the photograph. We encourage photographers to work individually or even as a group/team/collective if they wish to do so.

These are only some ways in which the theme may be interpreted—it is open to the photographers’ personal understanding of the title as well, given there is a brief accompanying note.

NOTE: In this issue, we would like to concentrate on Sri Lanka as the geographical location where the work is produced or derived from, however non-Sri Lankan photographers are also free to submit.

Last Date For Submissions: July 15, 2012.