The Student Issue |



Image: Uzma Mohsin, from the series A Minute of Make Believe
3.5 x 5.5 in, Silver Gelatin Print on B&W Enlarging Fibre Base paper, 2016


In the last decade, South Asia has witnessed a deluge in exploratory works being produced by students who have been mentored within newly formed photo/visual arts departments. The scope of student work – in image-making and writing – has also been exponentially broadened through festivals, workshops and training programmes, as well as a personal drive to experiment without the availability of taught courses for everyone.  All of these conjoined efforts have led to a rich and varied contemporary moment – the form images can take and discussions focussing on cultural relevance and impact.

Photography is no longer restricted to the single image, but demands consideration as an inter-media device, a hybrid, wherein the domain of the documentary is constantly pushed with the creation of new work – through collaborations, theoretical inputs, and even by investigating the emerging archives of modern practitioners. As a consequence, exposure and experience, as well as trials and tests will now anticipate the future of photo-practices.

In the forthcoming issue, we would like to enlarge the canvas of student work, inviting all manner of submissions that will explore processes and evolving styles across generations. We aim to gauge how fresh and critical approaches are being charted through the interplay of communication, composition and narration.

The role of the university and pedagogy as well as independent practitioners are therefore allied to this issue.