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Postcards Back Home

Uzma Mohsin

Text by Rosalyn D’Mello

Dearly Beloved One,
In the end what will matter is not what we will have remembered but all that we forgot. All the details that slipped so silently into eternity, all that vanished before we could understand, all that we can never recover first-hand, in word or thought or deed, all that passed before we learned to read with our ears and listen with our skin, all that was never spoken, all that we let in but never heard, could not feel, all that we left undone, unanswered still.
We are all that we have lost.
Yours In that loss.

All images from the series Postcards Back Home (part of a larger exhibition Trees Can’t Walk)
Zurich, January-June 2011,
120 and 35mm

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