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Lucero Alomia

Baldia. Mexico. 2018. Analogue collage.

Every family constructs memories meant for the public. Generally, everything that can be categorised as pain lacks representation in this artificial History Album.

During my childhood, I’ve found myself in the position of having to hide the nature of my family and live in an atmosphere of lies and silence; nurturing that lack of truth until recently. Intervening on the innocent practice of family photographs has taken me away from that melancholic place.

Silence is an autobiographical portrait which lies between the limits of fiction and reality. It emerges from the necessity of disrupting the discretion my mother practiced towards her sexuality, finally understanding the guilt society has exerted on her.

Baldia is a collage depicting my mother, the solace of her own thoughts and the fragility of patriarchal society. Janeth is a portrait of her partner, whom I’ve never been able to understand, but nonetheless always felt like a mother. Lies is a depiction of both during daylight.

Lucero Alomia is a visual artist from Perú. She graduated at Centro de la Imagen, 2014 (Lima, Perú). In 2018, she was selected in the CORTEX program organised by Hydra + Fotografía (México). She has participated in collective collage exhibitions in Madrid and Lima in 2019. “Silence” was part of the annual exhibition of the Antifil, 2019 (Perú).

Mountains of desire II. Mexico. 2018. Digital.

Eclipse. Mexico. 2018. Original family archive intervention.

The Absence of Light. Mexico. 2018. Digital collage.

Constant memories. Mexico. 2018. Digital collage.

Taken by me. Mexico. 2018. Digital.

Like cold blood. Mexico. 2018. Analogue collage.

The journey. Mexico. 2018. Digital.

Mountains of desire I. Mexico. 2018. Digital.

Silence. Mexico. 2018. Original family archive intervention.

Lies. Mexico. 2018. Original family archive intervention.

The visit. Mexico. 2018. Digital.

Taken by mom. Mexico. 2018. Digital.

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