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Lanka Girls

Luka Alagiyawanna

This is a portrait series of young Sri Lankan women from all over the country. It attempts to address concerns of tradition, identity and freedom showing women in their twenties, at a crossroad of life – being a mother of three; self employed, or simply trying to follow their ambitions and dreams. They are caught between pre-decided family expectations and obligations and their own aspirations.

Sunara (Colombo) is an electronic DJ and visual artist using various media. Her room is decorated with her own creations.

Besides being a writer, Rushda (Dehiwala) is involved in interventions and plays dealing with and fighting harassment against women in public spaces.

Babitha (Slave Island) is from a Tamil family in Hatton. She works as a maid in Colombo. The photo was taken in the living room of the family she works for.

Mika (Dehiwala) is a visual artist and graphic designer studying in the UK. She has travelled widely. She was photographed in the room she lives in when she is home.