Call for Submission

Sukanya Ghosh, from the series Journal, mixed media, 2016

From Sukanya Ghosh’s family archive. With the use images from her family archive, sometimes of unknown provenance, she de-contextualises the original works in order to create an alternative narrative thread. 

With our recently launched online fora—Pix Posts— we have been sharing the perspectives of practicing photographers, curators, and writers, exploring varied aspects of photography in South Asia through an assortment of social, political, and personal points of view.  We are happy to feature written articles, audio interviews, or even video submissions on family archives and local histories or even critical viewpoints about ongoing events of interest, in order to unearth the evolving narrative and trends around photography/image-making as well as its reception and curation. We are extendedly interested in events and conventions through which the discourse around photography in South Asia is exponentially growing—including exhibitions, lectures, workshops, and even publications: whether they be personal productions, independent articles and university press editions.

Call for submissions

If you are writing on any of the indicated subjects or areas—or have any other spheres of associated interest to discuss or think through—even as an opinion piece about photography from/in the region—we would be glad to receive your submission.

The submission can be in any language, but we would really appreciate a translation of the same in English. Previously unpublished works are given priority.

Preparing the word file

  • The word limit is 1000–1500 words
  • Please include 10–12 duly credited, relevant images along with the article
  • All images must be low-res, jpeg images within the range of 4 x 6 inches@200dpi. The images will be for digital use only
  • The articles may be submitted in the form of either .doc, .docx or .pdf files
  • Please include captions for the images in the following format—Author/ Title (if any )/ Year image was taken/ Medium or format/ Collection (if any) 
  • Please include a short bio (100 words max) and an image of yourself
  • Please name all the files, images and articles in the following format: Post_(Title of article)


Preparing the video file

  • The duration should be no more than 10-12 mins max.
  • The video should be legible with good sound quality
  • Due annotations and credits to be included
  • An abstract of 200 words to be submitted with the video file
  • Mpeg files are preferred


Preparing the audio file

  • The duration should be no more than 10-12 mins max.
  • An abstract of 200 words to be submitted
  • Due annotations and credits to be mentioned
  • Mp3 files are preferred



  • All submissions and queries to, with the subject line PIX post submission/query.
  • The authors shall receive an honorarium upon publication.